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The United States Hip Hop Coalition has 10 Advisory Committees, one for each of the 9 Elements, and one that includes a Media Justice focused committee, that each state can also host in order to create greater community development.

Each Advisory Committee will have up to 9 sitting members. These Advisory Committee's will focus their efforts on how to enhance, improve, sustain, and provide continuous education about Hiphop Consciousness and Hip Hop Culture.

Each members role is to learn about the Element they bond with, and the specific culture or nature of that element in order to help enhance its being. This nurturing, or cultivation, is what helps each Element to remain update and relevant, or Hip to the moving trends of Hiphop Consciousness, while maintaining the root essence of each Element and its role within the Hip Hop Culture.

Anyone can request to serve on an Advisory Committee of your chosen Element. Each term will run for a min of 6 months at which point members will have a chance to re-fresh their Advisory Committe. Please email us with your interest - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

1.) Breakin Advisory Committee

2.) Emceein Advisory Committee

3.) Graffiti Advisory Committee

4.) Deejayin Advisory Committee

5.) Beatboxin Advisory Committee

    6.) Street Fashion Advisory Committee

    7.) Street Language Advisory Committee

    8.) Street Knowledge Advisory Committee

    9.) Street Entrepreneurialism Advisory Committee

  10.) Youth, Media, & Social Justice Advisory Committee

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