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The United States Hip Hop Coalition (US-HHC) provides the following services:

Hip Hop Tech Works

  • Full Social Media Ready Platform
  • Multi-Media Support Systems
  • Independent Integration Options
  • National/State Directories
  • National/State Event Calendars
  • National/State Video Listing
  • National/State Music Listing
  • National Independent Census


Hip Hop Curriculums

  • The Origins Of Hip Hop
  • The 9 Elements
  • The Refinitions
  • Real Hip Hop
  • The H-LAW
  • The Inner City
  • The Divine Performance

Hip Hop Courses

  • The Origins of Hiphop and Hip Hop History
  • The Three Natures Of Hip Hop
  • The Inner City
  • The Intelligent Movement
  • Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace
  • The Hip Hop Activist

Hip Hop Workshops

  • The Great Event
  • Hip Hop The Movement
  • The Art Of Self-Creation

Hip Hop Stop The Violence Training

  • The Stop The Violence Movement's Official Techniques

Hip Hop Inclusion, Engagement, & Business Application

  • How To Include Hip Hop Culture In Your Business or Institution
  • How To Provide Authentic Hip Hop Marketing Strategies


US-HHC "Hip Hop Youth Development Program"

This program is designed to apply Edu-tainment techniques that will provide a deeper history about Hip Hop Culture; along with each of its 9 Elements; to help Youth & Young Adults manage the large amounts of information being pushed on them daily. This program will enhance self-awareness and a sense of self-identity that will be intrigral in uplifting the community as a whole.

Contact Us To Secure Your Authentic Hip Hop Edu-tainment:

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