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 Welcome to the United States Hip Hop Coalition!


Join the United States Hip Hop Coalition for everything that is Hiphop Consciousness; Hip Hop Culture; Hip-Hop Art, Products, & Services.

This Social Media Ready (SMR) Platform is the first private peer-to-peer network specifically designed to support, develop, and cultivate Hip Hop Culture both nationally and in your state.

 For the first time ever you will finally be able to locate everything you need to directly engage with and cultivate your states Hip Hop Community.. both online and in REAL Life!


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USHHC Memberships:




FREE Annual Personal Profile Membership

Select the Rap Fan Yearly Benefits for FREE by clicking This Link

This annual HHC Rap Fan FREE Profile Membership includes:

  • Rap Fan Membership - Placement In Members Listing
  • Rap Fan Membership - Personal Membership Profile
  • Rap Fan Membership - Personal Online Contact Listing 
    Rap Fan Membership - Members News Feed
  • Rap Fan Membership - Create Wall Posts
  • Rap Fan Membership - Recent Activity Wall
  • Rap Fan Membership - Personal Article Wall
  • Rap Fan Membership - Invite New Friends (unlimited)
  • Rap Fan Membership - Request Member Connections
  • Rap Fan Membership - Email & Instant Message
  • Rap Fan Membership - Add Your Own Profile Banner
  • Rap Fan Membership - Edit Personal Profile Information
  • Rap Fan Membership - Add Photos, Music, Videos and other files
  • Rap Fan Membership - Participate In The State Hip Hop Census
  • Rap Fan Membership - Hip Hop Declaration Of Peace Official Pledge 



$49.99 Annual Hiphoppa Profile Membership

Select the Hiphoppa Yearly Benefits for $49.99 by clicking This Link

This annual HHC Hiphoppa Profile Membership includes:

  • Includes Full US-HHC Rap Fan Membership (Free Access)
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Serve On "State Hip Hop Advisory Committees"
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Affiliate In "Hip Hop Reseller Program" 
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Placement In “State Business Directory”
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Create Events In “State Event Directory”
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Placement In “State Music Directory”
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Placement In “State Video Directory”
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Submissions For Reviews (unlimited)
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Submissions For Interviews (unlimited)
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Create State Community Forums (unlimited)
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Create Community Articles (unlimited)
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Placement In "Featured Videos" (1 Per Month)
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Personalized Digital Content Sharing
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Personalized Digital Video Releases
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Personalized Digital Music/Single Releases
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Personalized Digital Album & Event Releases
  • Hiphoppa Membership - Personalized Free Music Download Links



$74.99 Annual Artist Profile Membership

Select the 'Active State Membership' monthly benefits for only $74.99 by clicking This Link

(PayPal Financing Available)

This HHC Active Membership package includes:

  • Includes Full US-HHC Rap Fan Membership (Free Access)
  • Includes Full US-HHC Hiphoppa Membership (Access Level 1)
  • Active Online Membership - Personalized Contests, Mixtapes, & Other Branding Content
  • Active Online Membership - Personalized Ticket Give-a-Ways (unlimited)
  • Active Online Membership - Personalized Online Contests (unlimited)
  • Active State Membership - Discounted Event Tickets (unlimited)
  • Active State Membership Create Themed Segments For US-HHC Exclusive Events
  • Active State Membership Merchandise and Digital Download Discount Offers
  • Active State Membership - Live Performance Opportunities (create & participate)
  • Active State Membership - Personalized Digital Promotional Campaigns
  • Active State Membership - Traditional Mass Media Promotional Services
  • Active State Membership - Online Seminars, Hip Hop Study Courses, and More!
  • Active State Membership - One-On-One Mentoring Sessions
  • Active State Membership Personalized Crowd-Funding Tools for any Activity or Events



$99.99 Per Year Active Membership + $19.99 monthly web hosting

Select the 'Active National Membership' monthly benefitsfor only $15.00 by clicking This Link

Select the $99.99 yearly option by clicking This Link

(PayPal Financing Available)

This HHC Active State Membership package includes:

  • Includes Full US-HHC Rap Fan Membership (Free Access)
  • Includes Full US-HHC Hiphoppa Membership (Access Level 1)
  • Includes Full US-HHC Active State Membership (Access Level 2)
  • Active National Membership - Placement In US Hip Hop Coalition
  • Active National Membership - Discounted Venue Rental
  • Active National Membership - Attend State HHC Exclusive Events Every Month
  • Active National Membership - Discounted Fees For Concerts and Community Events
  • Active National Membership - Advanced Event Info
  • Active National Membership - Create Personalized Business Articles
  • Active National Membership - Digital Retail Store Placement
  • Active National Membership - Attach Any Personalized URL Address
  • Active National Membership - Personalized Emails
  • Active State Membership - Artist Personalized Platform' (APP) 
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USHHC Memberships:





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