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HHAW 2019 1 Album Cover 2

The United States Hip Hop Coalition reached out to active members to create a Hip Hop Appreciation Week Compilation project to support creativity, leadership, and naturally this years theme.

As always Hip Hop Appreciation Week is about promoting the original intent of Hip Hop to the public, our children, and ourselves.

We are working to continue these compialation projects as well as developing outlets through various national campaigns.

HHAW 2019 Tribute Album

Name Play
01 Akil The MC - Blowing Off Steam
ft. Johnny Filter

02 Justwulf - The Cypher
ft. 4Mative, Walrus the Human, ACKronem, Tuvok the Word, AfterThought, HagenTheDragon, L-DuB, & KPW

03 Akil The MC - Big Beat Bang Out Pt 1
04 Dero Quenson - Liberty GRIP
05 Soul Reflect - Melanin
06 Carnage - Maintain
07 Substance Abuse - Bridges Resist
ft. Aceyalone

08 Akil The MC - Big Beat Bang Out Pt 2
09 DisputeOne - Music Is Life
Prod By Thief of Baghdad

11 Carnage - Ravenous A Retrospective

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