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Niles (Chadwick Phillips) just released his highly anticipated debut album "To Remain". He will be celebrating the release back in his hometown, Lansing, MI! He is very excited to perform in front of, and connect with, the city that he grew up in!

"I lived ALL AROUND Lansing from my childhood to college. So I can't wait to return home and rock with my people at this homecoming release party for my debut album 'To Remain'! It is a FREE +21 show, all for the city I love. So if you are in Lansing or anywhere in Michigan, come through because it is going to be such a classic evening that will be presented by Outside In."

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The "Dilla Day PR Road Trip" takes Undrea Woods and myself, James Dewitt Yancey Foundation (JDYF) - MN Chapter Director Reies Romero, on a 3 day weekend of Dilla events and activities. Departing around 1:00pm from the Twin Cities Friday afternoon, we will "chase the storm" and journey to Chicago and then Detroit for J Dilla celebrations!

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