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The U.S. Hip Hop Coalition was in da house for the world premiere of "The Protectors" hosted by the Twin Cities Film Festival. Our National Content Director, Mr. Visa 360, was an executive producer on the flim as well as having a small on screen roll in the movie. The director of the film, Ben Hughes, and cast members were in the house to answer questions about the movie.

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With school back in session, The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition’s community in Mankato, wanted to be sure that we kept the party going by offering opportunities for all ages to come together in a safe and creative space to enjoy some Real Hip Hop.  Mankato had a few events going on at the same time of our event. Many people that were in attendance for our event also made the Mahkato Wacipi weekend event. Others were excited to get to MoonFest in Kasota to listen to a variety of genres, eat some good food, and partake in adult only activities.

Saturday’s event was something truly special. Then again, each event that happens proves to be that way. As always, the love and support from the Twin Cities was evident as we had special guests, Big Wiz (aka the Mayor) and True Headz Clothing (Neil Taylor) sit on our discussion panel.  Both had great insight on the questions discussed.

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With the unofficial end of summer, students back in school, Labor Day Weekend coming to a close, and last days of the State Fair, The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition took this time to host our growing annual Backpack & Supply Giveaway. Once again, The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition collaborated with the City Of Minneapolis via the Minneapolis YCB Youth Outreach Team to collectively pull strings to make this event happen at the historical Harrison Park in North Minneapolis.

Through the direct outreach work of the Minneapolis YCB Youth Outreach Team, working in partnership with the Minneapolis Health Dept, they currently are focused on an effort with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) towards decreasing Youth Violence & Teen Dating Violence in North Minneapolis.

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The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition is proud to announce another new partnership that has formed in Mankato, MN, this time with the Greater Mankato Diversity Council (GMDC). After working closely with GMDC for the past two years for Juneteenth, executive director Bukata Hayes thought It was time we made the partnership official.

“The Greater Mankato Diversity Council is proud to partner with he Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition to empower youth, build community connectedness and foster Mankato as an even greater place to call home. MN-HHC's track record of success with event planning and coordination will assist the GMDC in reaching even more people in the coming years.” – Bukata Hayes, Executive Director

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Mankato’s community had another opportunity to come together this past Saturday at the Caledonia Community Center. As the artists started to trickle in, I enjoyed seeing everyone smile as they came up to officially introduce themselves.

That may sound odd to you, but that is the beauty of the Hip Hop Community as well as the technology we have these days. Many of the artists and myself did not meet at a hip-hop show or even on the street. We met through social media and immediately agreed on some core values that are within the hip hop community. I can’t speak for the artists, but when I finally was able to greet them with a hug, it was as if we had known each other for awhile. That, my friends, is the power of connection through Hip Hop.

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