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“We have bestowed dignity on the children of Adam (laqad karramna bani Adama) …and conferred upon them special favours above the greater part of Our creation” (Q.17:)

Twin Cities Minnesota, The Day of Dignity is and has become a staple of community events that focuses on the dignity and worth of all people, to bring together the Twin Cities community on the basis of self-respect, service to our fellow human beings and to create a harmony we all strive for and to nurture our collective sense of peace, love, integrity and work.

This years’ Day of Dignity will see its 8th annual year in which the Twin Cities joins other cities across the nation for the same purpose of service. People from all over the Twin Cities are encouraged to attend, come by in the best of spirits, smile, hug, build, have intellectual conversations, heal, enjoy the company of others, eat, dance, help others by volunteering or simply just be present in a welcoming space.

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I-BE along with Minneapolis/Nigerian artist and producer Afrokeys, have released the EP titled 'All Figured Out'. This project was supposed to come out May 3rd when I-BE started having some health problems in January 2018. These health problems would consist of coordination loss on the right side of his body and loss of speech for 30 second spells.. every five minutes.

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Hip Hop Culture, what can I say, the most beautifullest thing in the world is just like that, Hip Hop has touched every corner of the globe, has changed hearts, saved lives and has inspired millions of kids, young adults and even the elderly to be the best they can be in any given moment, from generation to generation, Hip Hop creates stories and experiences in folks that are so immense. 

Born in the one of the most impoverished and underserved places in the U.S. at the time, the south Bronx made something out of nothing and sparked a movement that would change the world forever.  Hip Hop is more than just a genre of music, it is a way of life, a mode of thinking, how one perceives their environment, it is empowering, invigorating and brings out the best in us.

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The event started with getting things set up. Dr. Heather Hamilton (Department of Theater and Dance at Minnesota State University Mankato, Minnesota) and her sweet daughter were setting up craft activities for children of all ages.

Both of us were so happy that the rain had not caused any last minute changes for the day.  However, I don't believe either one of us was ready to take on the heat that snuck up on us by the time the event was underway. 

Kyle Nordland (MN-HHC Member) was ready to set up for sound checks and get situated for the afternoon of Edu-tainment. Dr. Heather Von Bank (Department Chair-Associate Professor of Family Consumer Science and Child Development Family Studies College of Allied Health and Nursing for Minnesota State University Mankato, Minnesota) also joined the fun by helping get activities ready for kids.

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Revival Sessions | 2pm-6pm | July 14, 2018 | Mankato, MN

FREE Event @ Hub Food Park 512 N. Riverfront Drive Mankato, MN 56001

Due to the overwhelming positive support, of the first ever Juneteenth Celebration last month in Mankato, we are reviving the collective efforts of the community with this event series.

It is our effort to keep providing the people of Mankato activities that allow our youth to find refuge in a safe space for all ages to gather, communicate, get to know each other, our backgrounds and personal history, all while enjoying the creative expressions that hit the stage.

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