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Revival Sessions 2 2

Saturday started with great anticipation. From running to Pub 500 to get their pulled turkey sandwiches which they donated, to picking up pizzas from Little Caesar’s for the kids to have. Dj AO (Austin Owen) and Dj CNDRM were ready to set-up and get things rolling before everyone started to show up.

There was also water donated from Cub Foods that was chilled and ready to be served along with watermelon donated from Hy-Vee that were cut up and ready to be devoured on this hot summer day! Also vendors such as ACLU, CADA House, and The Dance Dream were ready to sell merch as well as provide valuable information about their organizations.

Dj AO started out spinning some songs to get the mood set for a fun filled day. Children were able to create their own superhero masks, door signs, creatively paint their faces, and play with play-doh. A small tribute honored Aaliyah as it was the anniversary of her passing. People started to come through and fill their plates with food before the first artist grabbed the mic. The individuals who voluntarily participated for the event were...

  • Dj AO
  • ZavyBaby
  • MyKal 57
  • Mpls Drew
  • Dj CNDRM
  • Octavian
  • Luminaiti DaGod
  • Aubrey Corona
  • Bukata Hayes

The Mankato Free Press showed up to take pictures of the event to follow up with an interview we had earlier in the week about why the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition has a presence in Mankato. So many people pulled together to make this event memorable and honorable to the Hip Hop Culture of which all hip-hop products/services have been birthed from.

A special thank you to Trent Walton for his assistance throughout the entire day. Additional shout outs go to Aubrey Corona, Ayan Musse, Lisa Hayes (and her children), and Danielle Senn. Thank you again for all our supporters!!


  • The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition
  • Greater Mankato Diversity Council
  • Mankato State University
    • College Of Social & Behavioral Sciences
    • Institutional Diversity
  • Kato Trucking LLC
  • Pub 500
  • Friesen's Bakery
  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • Coffee Hag
  • Cub Foods (of Mankato)
  • Vigilant Promotions
  • TBH Webtech

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