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Revival Sessions 3 8

This past Saturday the Mankato chapter of the MN Hip Hop Coalition had the honor of supporting a conference called Still We Rise at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. The purpose of the conference was to engage participants in creative community problem solving through art immersion. Art was demonstrated as a tool for change, healing, hope, and coalition building.

The MN-HHC was able to host a workshop titled Hip Hop 101. We had the privilege of exposing people to some of the basic fundamentals that have been used as activism.  We had DJs, emcees, break dancing, and live art being shared with community members in attendance. 

It was very interesting to see people in attendance slowly accept the coalition for what we do. At first, there were concerns that the performances were all that was going to be done. I could get a sense that people were wanting lectures, power points, handouts, etc rather than take a moment and just be apart of something. After awhile though, those barriers began to drop and people started to realize the content of which was being spoken/sung. All of this was possible due to the authenticity that each artist brought.

The Lineup was as follows:

  • Bukata Hayes (guest speaker)
  • DJ YuWish
  • Luminati da God
  • Longevity
  • GyLion
  • KingBelief
  • DJ AO
  • Just Wulf
  • Mpls Drew
  • Chase Vibe
  • Octavian
  • Hilarri Ponce

By the end of our session, It seemed as though barriers had been let down. Different conversations were being had, and new relationships had been formed. It was a time of revelation to some and healing for others.

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