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Music brings me to a place of peace, comfort and solitude, allowing me to express myself as a visual artist, and with so much negativity going on in today’s world, it’s always a comfort to know there are gifted people who can make all your frustration disappear through the art of music. So I was very excited to attend the Mozzy show at the Cabooze in Minneapolis, MN on March 14, 2019, hosted by the Queen of Hearts.

The moment I walked into the Cabooze I felt good vibes, Blvck Madonna was on stage rocking it out, doing what they always do even through sound check they was rocking the stage bringing back the originality of Black Rock Genre. I scurried through the Cabooze to check my surroundings, stage entrance, exits, where I could get my most impressionable vantage points as photographer, artist, and writer.

Minneapolis in my opinion is one of the greatest cities in the midwest to find great musicians and bands. So many musically gifted and intellectually artistic minds, with powerful innovative performances that will blow your mind. Do not sleep on Minnesota talent cause they are breaking records and adding a new element to the artistic genre of music every day with these great artistic minds!

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Blvck Madonna, an urban alternative rock band, rocked the stage as they always do, so I am always excited to see them, they stick with you like a bad habit and you become a fan instantly with their agrestal style methods of dance and rock, one cannot get enough of, quoted from the band lead singer, “With the vocabulary somewhere between a preacher and sailor”.


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Other performers who stood out was Keke Gains. Keke stood out amongst other performers, she gave a stellar performance from beginning to the end, outdoing most performers, one would think she was the headlining act. If all talent was to come out on stage and put on a performance so great that you can’t help but only remember that one person out of the night... Keke was that artist! She put all of her heart into her set and it showed.


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Another style of hip hop was showcased that night with Native American rapper Shine, Shine is an entertainer that also hosts great shows in Northern Minnesota bringing acts like Kirko bangz to Minnesota, putting Minnesota on the map for musical must stops. There was no doubt in my mind that his set would contain quality music, with his deep fierce voice and bright attitude along with his love of entertainment.

I was not disappointed in Queen of Hearts line up which also featured other artists such as, Mista Maeham, Cutthroat Cash, Jamil (Selfish), LMS Exclusi, Lucy Luciano, Jay Solo, Arab, Rose, P.O. and Flip.


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The main headliner of the show was Mozzy (Timothy Patterson) who came out and filled the stage with his entourage and fans. He couldn't believe how much love Minnesota was showing him and he was all smiles throughout his entire performance. His set consisted of good powerful energy sending tremendous powerful vibes into the crowd amping them up, he grabbed a numerous amount of cellphones and went live on people's social media accounts, shook hands with the front stage fans, took selfies, and made sure he left a very impressionable and unforgettable visit to Minneapolis.

I was fully entertained music by Dj Enferno, Dj Phoenix, and the host Tadow, who not only hosted the entire night but put a show on along with one of the line ups. It was definitely a great night to remember and I give my respect to Queen of Hearts for displaying and hosting one of the best shows in Minneapolis this year, the night was peaceful, good love, line ups on time, and packed out. My Camera crew and I will be looking for future shows hosted by Queen of Hearts LLC. and other events at the Cabooze. Thanks to all who had a part of the Mozzy show, you all had an outstanding performance that was smooth, calming, and relaxing all my negativity disappeared and my night became relaxing.


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Photos By: Greene Photography

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