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The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition is very excited to announce a new partnership that has formed with Twin Rivers Council for the Arts. After speaking with Noelle Lawton, Executive Director for Twin Rivers Council for the Arts (TRCA), it was evident that we had similar goals in mind for our community.

“We are excited about our partnership with The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition as our missions, to shift actions and attitudes, are in direct alignment. The arts are a powerful tool to break down barriers and build bridges to deeper understanding and compassion for each other.”
- Executive Director, Noelle Lawton

The mission at Twin Rivers Council for the Arts (TRCA) is to cultivate an atmosphere where arts and culture thrive. Their work involves shifting actions and attitudes; creating an atmosphere where people can grow, learn, discover, and imagine our community in a whole new way.

Twin Rivers Council for the Arts (TRCA) and The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition have aligned together in order to enhance our community by providing more cultural opportunities and safe spaces for our community members to freely express themselves creatively.

The first effort that Twin Rivers Council for the Arts and The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition will be collaborating on is for their gala event called, Starving Artist - Under the Bridge, where we will be presenting a highlighted segment to provide an authentic Hip Hop Cultural experience for community members like no other in Mankato!


Starving Artist Under the Bridge is Twin Rivers fourth annual site-specific art experience with an element of surprise around every corner. This year we will transform the Blue Earth County Library parking lot into a magical space that will delight your senses. Dynamic local artists will perform, create and interact with guests while we delight your senses and raise funds for the arts in southern Minnesota.



Event Information: Buy Tickets  |  FB Event Link 




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