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"When We Ryde" highlights artist Skruface The Gooch (GodBodyMusik) and his comrades Juice Gilla (Zodiak MC) and Tank (True Breed MC). They are different Emcees from 3 different lifestyles where music brings us along with them on 2 different accords.. Hip Hop and BikeLife. In the song they give you the breakdown of what these lifestyles encompass.

As with any other venture in life, riding a motorcycle can be truly amazing and joining a club heightens the experience, but along with that comes rules and dues, homage to be paid as these 3 point out. What makes this song stand out is that these 3 are all stand-up guys on their own but came together to represent a lifestyle that most are in the dark about and mystified by.

"The song is not to glamorize violence. But it is an example to show many of those people, who take Emceein the wrong way, that this is how its really done when things are from an up close and personal perspective. The main objective is the love of riding, comrades, and the unity of Hip Hop and how we see this brings harmony to those who are welcomed in. There's nothing like it!"

- Skruface The Gooch

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Tank Bozeman @facebook  |  Theodis juice gilla @facebook


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