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Mankato’s community had another opportunity to come together this past Saturday at the Caledonia Community Center. As the artists started to trickle in, I enjoyed seeing everyone smile as they came up to officially introduce themselves.

That may sound odd to you, but that is the beauty of the Hip Hop Community as well as the technology we have these days. Many of the artists and myself did not meet at a hip-hop show or even on the street. We met through social media and immediately agreed on some core values that are within the Hip Hop Community. I can’t speak for the artists, but when I finally was able to greet them with a hug, it was as if we had known each other for awhile. That, my friends, is the power of connection through Hip Hop.

Watch Our First Hip Hop Guest Panel In Mankato!

Families started to show up and children started to run around. From creating magnets to coloring as well as exploring inside a Mankato police car and fire truck, there was plenty to keep the kids busy.  Not only that, but the children seemed to really enjoy this space.  At the end of the day, that is what matters to me most. I want our children to feel safe enough to express all those big emotions and feelings. Including the really excited emotion that may or may not have been caused by the fact that the cookies were left unattended.

Both Edrence Yalley and Valerie Hines gave excellent workshops. I believe everyone walked away with learning at least one thing new or at the very least were encouraged in some way. That alone chalked this event up to being a success.

Everyone kept a positive energy throughout the entire event. I was very proud of everyone who was involved for doing that. Sometimes our personal struggles can carry with us in spaces that we least expect it. I am sure everyone in attendance had some trial or frustration they were currently enduring, but from 3p-7p on August 17th, we all set that aside and came together as a commUNITY to make Hip Hop Culture great!


Event Photos:

Photography By Kyle Nordland

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