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The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition is proud to announce another new partnership that has formed in Mankato, MN, this time with the Greater Mankato Diversity Council (GMDC). After working closely with GMDC over the past two years for Juneteenth, executive director Bukata Hayes thought It was time we made the partnership official.

“The Greater Mankato Diversity Council is proud to partner with he Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition to empower youth, build community connectedness and foster Mankato as an even greater place to call home. MN-HHC's track record of success with event planning and coordination will assist the GMDC in reaching even more people in the coming years.

This partnership coincides with the GMDC’s new long term strategic initiative, “Respectfully, We!: Discrimination Free by 2030” and will help achieve our goal of significantly reducing and eliminating negative actions (discrimination) in our community. We are also excited to welcome, The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition's Mankato City Representative, Bethany Truman as our official Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator. We look forward to her contributions to the Council and the community.” – Bukata Hayes, Executive Director

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The Greater Mankato Diversity Council exists to enhance the Mankato area’s commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming community through diversity education. Their mission is to provide diversity education as a catalyst for social and economic success.

GMDC also has outreach that is implemented in the Mankato 77 School District. The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition's Mankato City Representative, Bethany Truman will also be a facilitator in this work where her main task will be to visit K-12 classrooms and conduct Promoting Respect Workshops (PRW). Their current group of facilitators includes the whole spectrum of diversity. For example, their facilitators’ ages range from 20s to 70s! GMDC believes that young people are the key to creating a discrimination free community.

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