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USD Sept 2019 3

With school back in session, The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition’s community in Mankato, wanted to be sure that we kept the party going by offering opportunities for all ages to come together in a safe and creative space to enjoy some Real Hip Hop.  Mankato had a few events going on at the same time of our event. Many people that were in attendance for our event also made the Mahkato Wacipi weekend event. Others were excited to get to MoonFest in Kasota to listen to a variety of genres, eat some good food, and partake in adult only activities.

Saturday’s event was something truly special. Then again, each event that happens proves to be that way. As always, the love and support from the Twin Cities was evident as we had special guests, Big Wiz (aka the Mayor) and True Headz Clothing (Neil Taylor) sit on our discussion panel.  Both had great insight on the questions discussed.


With plenty of food from Pub 500, Jake’s Stadium Pizza, and the Pizza Ranch, not to mention the oranges, bananas, iceies, and water, everyone was able to get their fill and sit back and enjoy the edutainment. The youngest performer was 5 years old and our oldest participant, in their 50s. So when we say all ages, we really do mean all ages.

While the artists were performing kids were throwing and kicking balls, making magnets, coloring, drawing, playing with play doh, and bustin some moves. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging throughout the entire day.

Performing Artists:

What made this extra special was the fact that there were two Mankato East students involved. Lil Reggie and Kaidayoungen came with some pretty smooth moves! They also had the biggest fan base, fellow classmates and friends were there cheering them on. It was exciting to watch, everyone had their phone out recording the great performance. At one point there were well over 50 people present for the event. I am confident that our numbers will continue to grow as word spreads to both Mankato East and Mankato West of the opportunities we have.

One person in attendance commented, “This needs to be advertised a little better. As a parent I appreciate the opportunity for my son to dance.” With that being said, we want to say thank you for all your support! From sharing the flyer, to sharing the event link and inviting your friends and coworkers, it all means a great deal to the growth of our diverse Hip Hop Community.

More importantly though, it gives our youth opportunities to express themselves, create events for their peers, be role models to the younger kids and safely come together for peace, love, unity, and safely having fun.


Vendors Included:

CADA House 

Mankato State University – Social Behavioral Sciences

Mankato State University – Latino Student Affairs

True Headz Clothing


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