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Over the summer you may have seen a group of people walking through your neighborhood over north, wearing bright yellow shirts with their famous slogan; You(th) Are Here! – YCB Outreach Team; on them. So if you are watching out for our young people in North Minneapolis you will have probably noticed them while engaging with the youth, passing out water, snacks, sidewalk chalk, along with other engagement tools and helpful resources.

What is often most noticeable about this group is that you will hear them coming down the street like a community parade with music, laughter, positive energy, tons of resources, sometimes young people in tow, and bubbles.. yes bubbles. But not just a few bubbles, no this is a nonstop cascade of bubbles floating through the air catching any gust of wind and drifting up through the neighborhood blanketing block by block and letting our young people know that they have a safe space anywhere this award winning team of Youth Engagement Specialists goes.

YCB has chosen to release yellow balloons throughout our community and the city of Minneapolis against youth violence because we want to show our bright lights. So we wear the yellow shirts to be a light to the youth and release the yellow balloons to be a light unto our entire community.

We are asking that every community member that is able to stand with us in youth violence and teen dating violence raise their light up with the YCB Youth Outreach Team. Help light the path of our young people to do something positive as we create new outlets of self expression where we can actually inspire our youth to do something different.

Join us as we turn bubbles to balloons and light up our community and corridors to create safe spaces for youth where we can intervene in all forms of Youth Violence & Teen Dating Violence.

So for everyone that the YCB Youth Outreach Team has been working and building with over the summer, we are asking everyone to turn their outdoor lights throughout September in order to light up our community and show that anything that lives in the dark can be healed by the light!

“Let's Light Up Our Community!”... Join The Neighborhood Of Lights Campaign Today!

Pearll Warren
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