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After the recent weeks of violence in North Minneapolis, YCB Outreach Team members, who are also active members of The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition, were called in to create an impromptu youth outreach event.

So with their ongoing work supported by the greater Hip Hop Community, throughout public and private settings, it was decided to host a surprise Hip Hop Block Party where YCB Outreach team members could showcase all of their collective and unique talents as Hip Hop Community Members while also opening space for young people to showcase themselves through this unique youth culture event.

It was amazing to see so many young people sharing personal stories through their unique and creative talents. You could tell that everyone had something to share and offer of themselves in an attempt to connect with other people and heal from personal trauma.

With so many stories and talent it was easy to find commonality between each person attending which gave way to a very familiar family feeling where there was a support system, but not only from adults to youth, but from youth to the adults as well!

If you would like to directly participate in our next activity, and/or further support the YCB Outreach Teams efforts to increase these positive events and decrease Youth Violence & Teen Dating Violence, please check out “Help Turn The Volume Up On Peace” for direct action steps you can take today!


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