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Turn The Volume Up On Peace is more than just a title to a positive campaign. To me it is a catalyst to conversations, education, and actual action steps to do exactly what it says which is, turn up the peace.

This campaign has been going on for 7 years as we are in the midst of the 8th year, and I will ashamedly admit I was not “hip” to it. Why? I was a bit blinded to the issues that our youth face. I had bits and pieces from my personal work background, but did not fully grasp it.

What did it for me, realizing that this is something my community needs, is when I turn on the television in 2017 and I see another human being run down another human being with a car and kill them. Now, if that shook me as an adult, and it took me a minute to process that, what do our youth have as a safe place to voice their thoughts, concerns, hopes, fears, frustrations, etc?

But not only that, actually address what youth are facing and what directly affects them. Segway to The US Hip Hop Coalition and its obvious social roots in creating Peace, Love, & Unity campaigns! If this can be a step to helping even one person, young or old, to realize there is hope, that there is love out in this world, and acknowledge their true realities in what they face daily.. maybe we will have less anger and hate showing up on the news.

AND THEN also turn around with open arms to give these youth & young adults a safe platform to express that, along with those people involved who are helping with so many aspects through the US Hip Hop Coaliton, and State Hip Hop Coalition Chapters to offer local outreach, local events/activites, and a variety of growing local resources, all while going through their personal lives as adults modeling and encouraging behavior and positive coping skills….well… maybe we will have less violence being acted out from our young people who are now coming up as our next generation of adults.

All of this simply because the adults right now, actually took the time to invest in the voices of our youth as an assest to our communities.. instead of dismiss their voices, their dreams, and eventually our collective future.

So what does a platform like this, designed to create safe spaces mean to me…it is the essence to life itself.

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TVUOP Mankato

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 Supported By:

The United States Hip Hop Coalition (US-HHC)

The MN Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC)

Vigilant Promotions

Barwaaqo Organization Somali Community

The Coffee Hag

Inner City For A Better Life


If anyone would like to help Rep Your City, Mankato is currently seeking Youth & Adults for the following MN-HHC efforts:

Live Performance Artists

  • Deejays/Djs
  • Emcees/Rappers
  • B-Boys/B-Girls - All-Style Dancers/Teams/Squads
  • Beat Boxin
  • All Style Urban Music Artists
  • Spoken Word/Poets
  • Live Art Talent

Community Outreach Support

  • Motivational Speakers
  • Community Organizers
  • Promoters / Event Coordinators
  • Community Volunteers
  • Online Sharing & Caring About Our Current Cause; to help build awareness about Youth Violence & Teen Dating Violence.

Media Developers

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Writers & Bloggers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Social Media Content Generators [Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc]
  • Radio Hosts / Shows / Podcasts / Etc


MN City Representative - Mankato
The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
507-236-0950 | MN-HHC City Rep (Mankato)
612-644-8352 | MN-HHC State Office
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