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TVUOP 2017 Main

Last saturday, the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition's official branded weekend event "Turn The Volume Up On Peace - Mankato",was more than your typical success. It had nothing to do with the amount of people present, even though the turnout was very nice! But it really had everything to do with the atmosphere that the artists and everyone involved, including the Coffee Hag, was able to contribute their talents and resources in coming together for a cause through the use of Edu-tainment!

The day started out with DJ North Star playing some tunes to ease the crowd into what became a chill ambiance full of words that promoted social change with some solid beats to accompany the message. To help expand on the message surrounding Youth Violence & Teen Dating Violence we had two supporting organizations from Mankato were able to speak on the theme and services they offer to support the community along with the importance of activities like this that are about peace, love, and unity:

  • REACH, which is a safe and supportive environment for teens and young adults and helps with: basic necessities, housing and shelter options, support and education, preparation for employment and life on own, as well as fun activities. Their mission is to “Create a safe non-judgmental place for young people that will empower and enhance their sense of self-reliance and feelings of being connected. A place where youth can acquire the knowledge they need to be healthy, independent and successful adults. The REACH is a place where young people can look beyond their past and begin to plan for their future.”
  • Committee Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) has been engaged in its mission to provide shelter, advocacy, and education services for 35 years. The shelter program provides emergency housing to female survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their children. Both of these organizations were happy to be a part of an event that provided a safe place for youth and young adults to come together and creatively express themselves.


The evening was filled with creative expressions from the following artists:

Dj NorthstarDarren SipityJohn XD NicSolutionEj

QuayiamHazrdosRellium PrimePrateBeltzKode Red

The night ended with all the artists staying around till the very last beat was dropped and the lyric was spoken. It was evident that everyone felt like something special happened and that we had just become some type of a multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-faith blended family because of what we all had just experienced together. We all had a shared moment where we set everything aside and came together to express our thoughts on peace, love, unity, and safely having fun through Hip Hop Culture.. and it was dope!

We all laughed, ate some great food, and drank some delicious coffee, while the youth were free to get up and dance as the older people were vibin' in their chairs. The love from everyone involved, from sharing the posts on social media, to hanging flyers, to simply being patient within this new event, process, and resulting experience, was greatly appreciated. Everyone is excited for the next event and to cultivate this energy even more within the local community!


This Event Was Supported By:


Photography By: Kyle Nordland 


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