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This year the YCB You(th) Are Here Outreatch Team was out at the Jerry Gamble Boys & Girls Club Thanksgiving and Recognition Dinner to lend a hand and also join in on this wonderful annual event. The YCB Youth Engagement Team was hands on to make sure all of the wonderful food prepared for the event was served fast and hot for the numerous families that had attended! It was a well organized celebration overall and the food was pared with several dessert options!

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Jerry Gamble puts on a Thanksgiving and Recognition Dinner for Club members' family and community. This annual event is to recognize their community partners, volunteers and staff, along with a raffle to give away turkeys, gift cards, bycicles and other prizes for parents who participate in the event.

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Also, there was a youth showcase where the kids get a chance to show off all of their talents and creativity. Their K-2 students all had a chance to go up on the mic and tell a joke as well as to share what they are thankful for in their lives. There were also two teen BnG members who sang a great rendition of Lift Every Voice. The community also had a chance to hear from their 3rd-6th grade groups who created short poems about the BnG volunteers. The showcase ended with a traditional oral story on the origins of 'strighten up and fly right'...


Community Partners & Volunteers Honored

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Basketball Coaches

 Coach Steve Jackson (Lady Gamble)

Coach Lavon Jordan (Lady Gamble)

Coach Cory Luckett (Lady Gamble)

Coach Lucas Patterson (Mpls FAB)

Community Organization and Programs


YCB You(th) Are Here Outreach Team

Damien Markham and Cameron Nelson
(No Locked Doors, Grammy Family)

Pastor Darryl Gillispie
(Trauma Group, Social and Emotional Learning)


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