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BnG Club Feb 2018 9

Last week the YCB You(th) Are Here Outreatch Team was out at the Jerry Gamble Boys & Girls Club to help support their Black History Month & Community Service Recognition Event put on by all of their program participants.


The celebration opened up with everyone participating in the National Black Anthem which was immediately followed by a warm welcome by the Boys & Girls Club staff who presented the Patrick Henry High School students from their Beacons Step Team and Drumline Squad.


Then the k-5 students created a Youth Of The Year performance that informed everyone about important people that influenced and inspired generations of youth through their personal courage and dedication.


At this point the Principal Yusuf Abdullah from Patrick Henry High School was presented as the keynote speaker and gave a beautiful testimony of what his vision is as a Black Man who has the ability to set goals and work towards them as a way to directly impact the health and vitality of the community.


BnG Club Feb 2018 15

After that fantastic presentation it was time for a bit of a surprise, with the honroing of several public servants whose efforts have directly impacted the quality of human services for our youth.


The performances portion of the event was closed out with a beautiful solo of “A Change Gone Come” that was performed by a local youth and then everyone was invited to a warm themed dinner that made sure everyone had a chance to commune with each other in love and unity.


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