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#ChangetheName! is a group comprised of students and staff and anyone dedicated to changing the name of Patrick Henry High School, a school that was named after a prominent slave-owner! Patrick Henry High School, located in Minneapolis, MN., has an enrollment of approximately 90% students of color. It is 2017 and many of the students and staff believe naming a school after anyone who believed in holding other humans in bondage is an absolutely cruel and humiliating practice and should be stopped! The students at Patrick Henry are working to educate their peers, staff and community members about the damaging effects of upholding racist and oppressive figures.

The students are following the lead of many others who have spoken out against similar injustices, including those at newly named Justice Page Middle School in South Minneapolis, a school that was previously named after Alexander Ramsey, a former Minnesota governor who called for the extermination of the Dakota people.


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"To change the name of the school will not only requires great minds, compassionate hearts and strong action but it will also require a significant amount of money. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to make the needed changes to the school building, including signs, murals and athletic equipment. Please support our effort to #ChangetheName! of Patrick Henry High School to a name that accurately reflects the conscious minds and anti-oppressive beliefs of the students it embodies!" - Thank you, #ChangetheName!


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