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Motherland 20

September 22, 2018 'The 4th Annual Motherland Block Party' was about to make history once again on the Red Lake Nation reservation. When we arrived to the Humanities Center the lines were so deep at the front side and back of the center and the DJ AO was unloading his car, my daughter and I helped grab his equipment and barreled our way through the crowd. The wind was blowing, and the temperature was dropping quick, but these people didn’t seem to mind waiting. They were so psyched to get into the center to watch, listen, and be a part of history in the making!

I personally have never been inside the humanities center so when I walked in, I thought to myself "Wow this is amazing with the stage and lighting set up!". The guys were doing sound check and the lines for a meet and greet with Montana of 300 were already formed like 2 hours before the show! People could meet Montana of 300 and get your photo taken with him for $50 and there were so many people waiting for that they actually had to have 4 meet and greets sessions throughout the night.

Motherland 9

The highlights of the night was the band Blvck Madonna, they really put on a great show! They gained a lot of new fans that night and threw out hundreds of dollars of merchandise cause they were so excited by the crowd. Also rapper Devon Reason was dope, the energy he brought out was insane and the performance was on point, this is one of the largest crowds he ever performed in front of and was completely hyped about it.


Motherland 17

My favorite part of the show was Thomas X when he came out with his two traditional dancers, who also killed their performance for his set, with a performance so stellar that it made me forget all the other performances. Serious, the beat was on point! But dont get it twisted Rez Rap Records really did their thing with this entire epic show, there was never a dull moment!

DJ AO and Big Wiz hosting really put people in a space that you couldn’t do anything but listen! The beats these guys had were amazing, they came out and done an All Native Cypher, I don’t know who some of these guys were, but I know I been trying to find them since I heard this cypher!!

By this time the crowd was ready for the headline performance from Montana of 300 after it had already been 3-4 hours.. but let me be the one to say.. it was well worth the wait! This mans performance, it was like you were in a video, his entourage was with him, he was wearing a beaded medallion with his logo on it.

When he performed Ice Cream Truck, ohhh my lawd is all I have to say, he threw his shirt off and the crowd went crazy! After his performance he reached down to high five some of the people in the crowd, the girls almost trampled the entire camera crew. The doors opened at 7pm we left out at 1 am, all in all, I will definitely be back for future shows.


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