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Oct 01

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We would like to send a big shout out and warm welcome to Minnesota as they ramp up their communities of local Hiphoppas who will working hard to spearhead their state coalition chapter and expand our collective national network! We would also like to thank Bethany Truman for stepping up and becoming an official United States Hip Hop Coalition State Representative!

If anyone would like to further support the Minneasota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) we are currently seeking people for the following efforts:

Sep 20

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After the recent weeks of violence in North Minneapolis, YCB Outreach Team members, who are also active members of The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition, were called in to create an impromptu youth outreach event.

So with their ongoing work supported by the greater Hip Hop Community, throughout public and private settings, it was decided to host a surprise Hip Hop Block Party where...

Sep 05

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With the unofficial end of summer, students back in school, Labor Day Weekend at a close, and last of the State Fair, the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition took this time to make a great step in supporting our youth! What developed was an event called "Fly, Fresh, & Responsible" that was just the kick off to new September programing for youth as they transition back to school.

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