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The jump start of the protest was Change the Name. But we as students were open minded and aware of how much bigger this is. These inequalities and injuries needed to be called out and an example was the name, Patrick Henry.

What stood out to me and what I’ve heard from peers during the planning for the protest was that we, the small group of planners, made the protest very spontaneous. It was more of like a suggestion or idea, and from there it turned into a “Why not. Let’s get do it!” Standing up for what you believe in, in my opinion should never wait. The longer you wait, the longer it takes for resolutions to take place.

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Last Saturday the Skyway Theatre in downtown Minneapolis held a concert headlining YelaWolf, along with warm up acts Mikey Mike and Big Henri. Two hours before the doors were even opened to the public a line started to form due to the high level of anticipation for this concert.

Before jumping in line I personally was on the hunt to find a little something to eat in the area, so I ended up indulging in some cheese curds at the Depot just around the corner. I'm glad I did this because by the time I got in line (roughly 7pm) we were ready to get inside and check the vibe due to cooler temps out here in Minnesota!

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Jerry Gamble puts on a Thanksgiving and Recognition Dinner for Club members' family and community. This annual event is to recognize their community partners, volunteers and staff, along with a raffle to give away turkeys, gift cards, bycicles and other prizes for parents who participate in the event.

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Last saturday, the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition's official branded weekend event "Turn The Volume Up On Peace - Mankato",was more than your typical success. It had nothing to do with the amount of people present, even though the turnout was very nice! But it really had everything to do with the atmosphere that the artists and everyone involved, including the Coffee Hag, was able to contribute their talents and resources in coming together for a cause through the use of Edu-tainment!

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The Minnesota Hip Hop Community is really showing out this month for our Turn The Volume Up On Peace Event Series! This weekend will be no different as we highlight local Hip Hop events and the Official Branded TVUOP Series event!

With each new city to city collaboration, we as a statewide Hip Hop Community continue cultivating actual Peace, Love & Unity by safely having fun and expressing the Elements Of Hip Hop in our own neighborhoods and communities.

If you would like to be included in any of our next events for Hiphop History Month this November simply Sign-Up Today to get your special MN-HHC Membership opportunities!

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