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Turn The Volume Up On Peace is more than just a title to a positive campaign. To me it is a catalyst to conversations, education, and actual action steps to do exactly what it says which is, turn up the peace.

This campaign has been going on for 7 years as we are in the midst of the 8th year, and I will ashamedly admit I was not “hip” to it. Why? I was a bit blinded to the issues that our youth face. I had bits and pieces from my personal work background, but did not fully grasp it.

What did it for me (realizing this is something my community needs) is when I turn on the television in 2017 and I see another human being run down another human being with a car and kill them.

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Peace, Love and Respect to all the beautiful people of the Twin Cities, it is about that time when the annual TC Day of Dignity will take place; this Saturday located in the cozy parking lot and surrounding streets of Masjid An-Nur in vibrant North Minneapolis, 1729 Lyndale Ave N. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411.

Twin Cities Day of Dignity has become a staple of Northside provided events and serves as one of the biggest community gatherings to end off another energetic Minnesota summer. Brought to you by Islamic Relief USA, Al Maa'uun (The Neighborly), Masjid An-Nur and many community partners, TC Day of Dignity is a day of free service, community building, smiles and hugs, bringing people together, loving one another and of course treating everyone with dignity which is a basic human right.

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After the recent weeks of violence in North Minneapolis, YCB Outreach Team members, who are also active members of The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition, were called in to create an impromptu youth outreach event.

So with their ongoing work supported by the greater Hip Hop Community, throughout public and private settings, it was decided to host a surprise Hip Hop Block Party where...

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With the unofficial end of summer, students back in school, Labor Day Weekend at a close, and last of the State Fair, the Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition took this time to make a great step in supporting our youth! What developed was an event called "Fly, Fresh, & Responsible" that was just the kick off to new September programing for youth as they transition back to school.

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Over the summer you may have seen a group of people walking through your neighborhood over north, wearing bright yellow shirts with their famous slogan; You(th) Are Here! – YCB Outreach Team; on them. So if you are watching out for our young people in North Minneapolis you will have probably noticed them while engaging with the youth, passing out water, snacks, sidewalk chalk, along with other engagement tools and helpful resources.

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