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Craft's Youth Connection LIVE Comedy Show (FUNDRAISER)


Joing us for a "Craft's Youth Connection LIVE Comedy Show" Thursday May 26th, 2016 at 8:00pm. 

These four comedians are giving you laughter while loving what they do, and supporting Craft's Youth Connection. Join Kevin Craft (as seen on VH1's Tool Academy, Tyra Banks, Last Comic Standing, TMZ, Shaq's Comedy All-Star Jam, and more!) and a host of local comedy talent for a night of fun for a good cause.. Crafts Youth Connection!  | 

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28 Days Warning 1.2




February 1   

tec pic

. born and raised in Minnesota, has been producing, engineering, and rapping for over 10 years. He comes from the newly formed and widely spread group A.E.D (After Every Dollar/After Every Dream). T.E.C.  has worked with many of the top local artists in Minneapolis as well as Chicago. His first official E.P. "The Technical" is slated to drop Spring of 2016 which will feature Chevyboy, Buk & Psyde of Psychodrama, Killa Capone, Dawreck of Triple Darkness, and King Sandman.
T.E.C. - "All I Know" 
February 2  

Rara Avis Pic 1

Rara Avis is an independent hip-hop duo based out of Minnesota who stands out among many artists with their high energy and crowd moving stage presence. Formed back in the end of 2014 "Rara Avis" is now currently in the making of a new mixtape titled "The Misfits" to begin 2016 with a bang!!



Rara Avis Ft Sonny Dayze - "Out Of My System"

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28 Days 1.0

Artwork Created By DJ D.Mil 


FB Event Link -


This February will mark the 3rd year of The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition organizing a "28 Days Of Spit" compilation project featuring nothing but Minnesota Hip Hop talent. The last two years have generated a lot of love and support for the project, with '28 Days Of Spit 2015' being released exclusively through our new web platform here. This year MN-HHC will be another hot February with a host of great local Hip-Hop!



28 Days Of 'Real' Spit originally started as a simple concept during a M.A.C. House LLC meeting.. “During the month of February, we as Hip Hop, need to present nothing but 28 days of that Real Shit!” It was then presented to The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition for support and we couldn’t agree more! This simple phrase evokes a serious commitment to present the most forward thinking concepts that specifically help to preserve Real Hip Hop. So this month is strictly about promoting the higher-self in ALL of us and present this evolved way of being in the best light possible.

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TBB Banner Logo 1

This original documentation of Real Hip Hop History was donated by Hip Hop Elder ABY of TBB 183rd.
The following
is an exclusive letter written by BATCH of The Bronx Boys to Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew regarding the authentic origins of the Element Breakin.

To: Crazy Legs, and for the Rocking (Break Dancin) Community… 

Back in 1975 Batch, Shark, and Cash formed a graffiti crew, we named it The Bronx Boys (TBB) since we were indeed from the Bronx, TBB fitted us just right. During those old school days Up Rocking and Graffiti were the two best things for the young people growing up in the Bronx and tagging up was what motivated us the most since it contained the substance of what fame was to become of The Bronx Boys.

We used to Up Rock and sip on a grape tasting wine that only cost us a dollar for a full extra large pint. This wine was called "Night Train". If you was a Graffiti artist back then you'd know what I'm talking about. It got us warmed up, and ready to go bombing (tagging).

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TC Hip Hop Against Police Brutality

As Hiphop History Month came to a close we were fortunate enough to utilize the last Saturday of this celebrated month! As our Hip Hop Community based efforts grew with the energetic Twin Cities Hip Hop Against Police Brutality Benefit Concert we all came together in solidarity and aimed to help send support to Mike Brown's Family, Local Black Artists, a Black Liberation Organization in Ferguson, Save the Kids, along with taking our public spaces back.

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