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Sen Hayden

James Everett, President of Subzero Collective, pointed out “just last week I declared that there was something funny going on with the lack of lawn signs and no Get Out The Vote (GOTV) money creating jobs for local non-profits, canvassers, etc”. He went on to state that “the GOP has made its move to ISOLATE Governor Dayton from the African American voter base that the people; U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, Sen. Bobby Jo Champion, Sen. Jeff Hayden, State Sen. Bill Davis, etc.; in the Community Action investigation represent. Most of the GOTV funding is coming thru only the Keith Ellison office this time. How do people think this is effecting the election?!".


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GB Battle 2014 Winners Pic 3** Contributing Photos and Videos by Maggie O'Brian | For Additional Exclusive Photos Click Here **

If you didn’t already know, the 6th Annual Groundbreaker Battle is just another great example of Minnesota’s vibrant Hip Hop Culture. This annual celebration was created by The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts as an opportunity for the Hip Hop Community to showcase the benefit and value of Breakin (Break Dancing) and all 9 Elements of the Hip Hop Culture.

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Attention to all.. individuals and organizations that want to end violence in our Minnesota communities! The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition is asking community members and organizations to bring your creative powers to the table and stand up against the powerful interests that seek to silence our people’s voices!

After a series of violent incidents/altercations throughout 2014; including EVERY previous year until today; our youth, adults, and elders of the Hip Hop Community have been under a total and complete assault.. or.. completely ignored and neglected.

To address this continued.. structuring of violence in our community, The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition (MN-HHC) is organizing an ongoing “Peace Campaign” featuring a series of community dialogs, activities, forums, workshops, building sessions, and events titled “Turn The Volume Up on Peace”. These actions will culminate leading up to October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month and continue to grow with additional issues surrounding violence in our community. This will allow Hip Hop Culture's main focus to overflow through 'Peace, Love, Unity, and Safely Having Fun'. So we would like to invite all community members to join us in providing critical input towards sustainable peace and violence prevention in Minnesota’s hardest hit communities. Help us Stop The Violence.. and let's Turn The Volume Up On Peace!!

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Twin Cities Urban Mashup @ Fine Line Music Café August 23rd
A music mashup celebrating 7 of Twin Cities’ Best local performers

Minneapolis, MN (Aug 2014) - Support eight of the best local performers by attending Twin Cities Urban Mashup on Friday, August 22nd at the Fine Line Music Café in Downtown Minneapolis. Doors open to the general public at 9:00 PM, with the first act beginning at 9:30 PM. The event is set to wrap up at 1:00 AM, and is open to all with a valid ID 18 years of age and older. Tickets will be available for $12 at the door.

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Afrika Bambaataa 1


Afrika Bambaataa's STATEMENT:

December 27, 2013 at 2:26pm

I, Afrika Bambaataa, have heard it all, read it all, in many magazines throughout the world, and seen almost all in this continuing bullshit about which rappers are better, east coast v west coast, Miami bass hip-hop is bullshit, British Rappers sound funny rapping, electro funk, techno rappers are soft, I like hardcore rap and beats, this one group is like that, old school vs new school, Rap wouldn't be rap if it wasn't for the battles, I'm the quickest, baddest rapper, deejay around, Go Go music in Washington D. C. is dead. It's all about hip-house or house music all night long. I dis you, you dis me, my crew will take you out or kick your ass, fuck this or that, Nigger, Bitch, Nigguz, Nigguh, Hoe, Hooker, Bitches with Problems, Hoes with Attitudes.

Just look at yourselves, sounding like a bunch of fools, who really don't have any true knowledge of self and knowledge of Hip Hop Culture and what it's all about. First of all, let me tell you that the music (beats) that makes up hip-hop, comes from different nationalities and races, especially from black people, and if you think I am a brother who don't know what he is talking about, just check out many of the music, beats, grooves and sounds that many of your rappers use to make their records or rap over. Hip-hop music in general is colorless and not racist. It comes from many categories in music, for example: Hip-hop music is made up from other forms of music like funk, soul, rhythm & blues, jazz, rock heavy metal, salsa, soca (calypso), TV shows, kiddie shows, horror movies, techno, pop, disco, african, arabic, reggae - etc.. and if you use any records from these categories, you will see that the music is made by people from different races or nationalities from all over the planet, but it's roots start with black people.

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