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Get Your State Hip Hop Coalition Going!

If you are ready to start your State Hip Hop Coalition chapter this is the right place. If your local Hip Hop Community has all the right people then it will be very easy to nurture, expand, and cultivate your Hip Hop Community!

To get started you must first make sure that you are a Registered Member to this web platform. Just click to 'Register' here and you will be able to fill out the full registration form or simply click the 'Facebook/Twitter Sign-Up' buttons located at the top of the registration form.

Once you are an Official Member through The U.S. Hip Hop Coalition platform, simpy follow the next steps to properly get your state registered. Once the following 5 steps are complete a corresponding Web Platform will be launched for your state.

5 Steps To Register Your State:

  1. You must be a US-HHC Registered Member in the state you are seeking to register officially.
  2. You must login and then create your Business Directory Listing.
  3. Your state must establish a local press team consisting of 2 or more people to cover writing, photos, video, and graphic design.
  4. Your state must then create your own version of a Coalition State Seal.
  5. Your state must create 10 articles covering any local Hip Hop topics.

Below you will provide a little information about yourself so our support staff will be able to contact you directly to give you a brief introduction and also further assist you through the process of registering and setting up your State Hip Hop Coalition chapter.

Before you fill out the form below, please make sure you are a US-HHC Registered Member, and that you are currently signed in with your Coalition Membership first. If you have not Registered for your Coalition Membership yet you can easily click to 'Register' here.

New State Hip Hop Coalition Submission Form


You must already be a registered member of the U. S. Hip Hop Coalition to complete this form.



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